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Hey folk...ya boy Spice back an gonna remix the site...fix the broken links as well as post many more rare masters straight from my vault! You know what it is...stick an stay an check back cause....The Legacy Continues!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bass Party DJ's 1997 #1888 "Spice Down The Memory Lane Stroll"

Recorded in Detroit in the Mo-Sound Studios in '97 for the O-Town click...featuring DJ Spice takin ya back down the memory lane stroll!..just for all my ol' school grown fam...

1). Gone With Ya Badself
2). Hollywood Swinging
3). Slide
4). Firecracker
5). Before I Let Go
6). Riding High
7). Love What You Feel
8). Look At Her
9). Theme From King Kong
10). Shake Your Pants
11). Encore
12). She's Strange
13). Like I Do
14). 5 Minutes Of Funk

This was around the "White Dick Express" lil side gimmick me and my boy Joshski were doin between 95-98 with 8-Ball DJ's outta O-Town....I always love riding over the classics...shit...gotta pop my own collar to this one peoples!

as always got a request..holla at ya folk

JPE Classics From The Vault 1997 #0014 "Talkin Shit...Slic Vic In The Mega-Mix"

..Direct from Studio 54 in Eatonville...Along with the World's Greatest Fuck..Chucky Chuck....It's Slic Vic Talkin Shit In The Mega-Mix....A Rare and Limited Re-Master & Re-Release from the Vaults once again my friends!!

1). Slic Vic Intro
2). Mo Money Mo Problems
3). Can't Hold Pony Down
4). It's A Creep Dog Party Time
5). So Many Tears
6). Somebody's Watchin Me/ Peter Piper
7). Slic Vic's Story/ Jazzy Belle
8). Jazzy Belle/ Let Me See Ya Squirrel
9). Hypnotized Squirrel
10). Uh Huh Pick It Up
11). I Got 5 On It If You Pick It Up
12). Here I Go/ It's Funky Enough
13). Here I Go With The 187
14). Get Money
15). Sho-Nuff That Ass Is One In A Million
16). Space Age Pony Pimpin'
17). Shakin That Ass Pt.2
18). The Pony Got'cha Space Age
19). She Wanna Fuck With The JPE
20). Up In The Studio (Slic Vic & Lock Jock Freestyle)
21). Get A Job Ho (Live In Studio 54 with The Pony & Mega)

..also be sure to peep more catalog and classic shows at... for booking and any additional info!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bass Party Express/ JPE DJ's Production 1997 - Featuring DJ SPICE in the Old Miami Mix!

From 1997 A Throwback Show recorded in Detroit when I was parlayin' up there...some good ass years...this is a blast from the from the vaults!! holla at ya folk!!..some Miami funk!!

1). Scrub Da Ground
2). Shake It
3). Big Booty Ho's
4).Give Me A Bottle
5). Breakdown
6). Throw The Dick
7). Throw The P
8). Do You Wanna Party
9). Rapptinni On Ice
10). Drop The Bass
11). Do Dat Danz
12). Take It Off
13). Just Give The DJ A Break
14). Bass Mechanic (Remix)
15). Dance Transformer

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bass Party Express/ DJ Spice Classics 1994 Live In Gainesville from Smokeland Studios Throwback!

Recorded in Gainesville mid 1994...featuring ya boy DJ Spice...a solo show live in the mix..talkin know how it go...It was 15 yrs do the math...straight ridin and clear from the vaults of DJ Spice....I had just got with a new investor and he wanted to start this whole "Ruffneck Productions" movement so...I was like fuck you pay me..I'll say whatever you want in the hell...still put it down for the click...JPE DJs all day every day!!!

1). A-Town Drop/Creep Dog (Spice In The Mix)
2). JPE Live
3). Play At Your Own Risk
4). Mr. Scarface Pt.3
5). Ho Stories
6). Get'em Up
7). Bonus Beats
8). Pussy Whipped
9). Fury Don't Play That
10). Very Special
11). I Don't Wanna Do Anything (Remix)
12). When Can I See You Again
13). Everything's Alright
14). Part 2
15). Sugarhill Style (Feat. Uncle Al R.I.P.)

JPE DJ's Phase 2 Live In Lauderdale 1995 #126

Featuring Hot Rod, DJ Slic Vic, and Wolf B in Lauderdale 1995...from the Fuck Some Corner.....

1). Hustle On
2). It Ain't Easy
3). Ruff N Rugged
4). One Love
5). Roll It, Light It, Smoke It
6). Natural Born Killers
7). Real Niggas
8). Pimp Of The Year
9). Make The Music
10). Dear Mama
11). Friday
12). Things Are Looking Grimm
13). On The Real
14). Pussy

Reggie Regg/Vega Boys 1995 Classic Recorded in the 305 Carol City..

This is a homie that I met when we did a show in Georgia with Uncle Al (R.I.P) back in 95..Al introduced him to Ace and I and he did a set before Al came on and did his...He was down with Vicious Funk for a minute then branched out on his own...It's a trip how much he sounds like Al on the mic..but he rides out...Re-mastered and clear from the vaults of DJ Spice...more to come..I also got some Sugar Hill tapes I'm gonna post soon....

1). Intro - The Sweatline
2). You're A Customer
3). Unbelievable
4). U Betta Recognize
5). Behind Bars
6). Juicy (Remix)
7). Gin & Juice
8). Yes Indeed
9). Bitch Betta Have My Money
10). Peter Piper (Long-Ass Remix)
11). Afro-Puffs
12). Parkay
13). Cocktales

This cat was only 16 and actually rode his ass off live so this show don't do him much justice..but he did mix the hell out of Peter Piper and he was kind of a protege' of Uncle Al and Al endorsed him speaks for itself..ONE LOVE! Spice

..more to come

JPE Classics 1989 - Featuring DJ Slic Vic & Diamond Dick in the House!

Another classic from Royal Palm Ft. Lauderdale......featuring DJ Slic Vic and Diamond and clear from the vaults of DJ Spice....

1). Do Your Duty
2). Shake It (Remix)
3). My Part Of Town
4). Intro
5). So Damn Tough
6). Rock The House (Eddy Mix Mega-Mix)
7). Don't Let Your Ragtop Drop
8). Nightmare Bonus Beats
9). Clap Ya Hands
10). We're Rocking The Planet (Slic Vic In The Mix)
11). Weeny Whistle
12). Don't Believe The Hype/Vapors
13). It's Just My Caddy
14). I Still Feel Good

Sunday, June 14, 2009

JPE Classics 1999 #8342 Featuring: DJ Spice, Big Ace (R.I.P.) & M-N-M Shay Recorded in Gainesville

This is a sentimental one for me personally because it
was the very last show I had recorded with Ace before his untimely passing...This was recorded in Gainesville at The Studio in 10/99...Everyday... it still seems like it was yesterday with Ace pullin up in the rental saying "Yo Spice...we gotta do a slow one tonight"...we ALWAYS had a slow one to do...I really miss the big homie....well...I act as if each time I hear him riding out with all the masters I got..he still here...he ain't never left!! with that...let's ride..

1. Intro
2. Tank Doggs
3. That's That Shit
4. 400 Degreez
5. Nigga What, Nigga Who
6. Ha (Remix)
7. Come and Get Me
8. Clear
9. Play At Your Own Risk
10. Fix It In The Mix
11. Electric Kingdom
12. JPE Intro
13. Who Dat
14. Back That Azz Up
15. Still Smokin Pt. 3

Saturday, June 13, 2009

JPE Gen.2 DJ's/Bass Party DJ's LIVE In Gainesville 2000!!! The 1st "Official" Gen.2 Collabo....

Recorded in Gainesville featuring: DJ Spice, Babygirl, M-N-M Shay, Disco Kid (Lock Jock's Brother), Sloppy Joe, Keke, & Legacy (The Gen.2 Coochie Crew)

This show is one I just re-mastered and found again....It's from 6/2000 recorded in Gainesville...4 months after Ace's passing...Babygirl, Disco Kid and 'em were up in town cuz we were opening for the Mystikal concert..This was also the first show I had ever recorded with Babygirl, Disco Kid (Lock Jock's Lil Brother), and the Gen.2 Coochie Crew Keke and Legacy...This is a certified classic..and I had met Babygirl only a few months prior to us recordin this but the bond was started then and to this a stronger than it go...the first show officially joining Gen.2 DJ's and Bass Party D.J.'s with me and my partner M-N-M Shay...enjoy!

Also...the first half of this show was regulated over a mega-mix I had done a year or so and had in the studio...It had like 20 different records mixed within about a 10 minute shit..check it out

1. Intro/Clear/Tour de France
2. Push The Button/Fix It In The Mix
3. Jam The Box/No Stoppin That Rock
4. Dance To The Drummer's Beat/Planet Rock
5. Lookin For The Perfect Beat/Message II
6. Are You Ready/Hoki Poki
7. Pretty Girls/Let's Get This Party Started
8. The Cabbage Patch
9. Electric Kingdom
10. Mirda Rock
11. Look At Her
12. Man-Made (2000) feat. Babygirl
13. 777-9311
14. Theme From King Kong
15. Set It Off (Slowed)
16. Set It Off Pt.2 (Slowed)
17. Al-Naafiysh (It's Time-The Soul)
18. Man-Made (1992 Throwback) Live with Big Ace & DJ Spice
19. Outro-R.I.P. Bodyguard Big Bad Ace

JPE Classics 1991 #9104 featuring- Big Ace (R.I.P.), Slic Vic, Lil Fuss, & Big P In Lauderdale!

The Classics are back!! along with some new '09 shows on the way by next week...

1. Dopest Beats
2. Set It Off (2-4-1 Remix)
3. Clear
4. Banned In The USA
5. That Boy's Good feat. DJ Slic Vic
6. Take It Off (Remix)
7. Love's Gonna Get'cha
8. Arkade Funk
9. Planetary Detirioration
10. Pac Jam
11. 2 Live Mega-Mixx
12. Bounce Rock Skate

Thursday, June 11, 2009

S--t Been Crazy For A Minute....

Bare with me fam...been in the middle of movin and settin up the studio etc. etc. etc. all means soon as I post the'll get it!! ONE!..In the meantime check out my boy 3m50's site...listed in the links below....I'll be back at'cha in a few!!..and about the dead links....I haven't forgot bout ya'll that still need new links..they're comin!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

....Don't Sleep on The Pony!!

I'm gonna be doing some updating over the weekend with all-new and classic re-mastered shows...stay n stick! Oh..and I'll re-up any links that are dead...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

JPE Classics 1989 Featuring DJ Slic Vic...

Tried to clean it up as much as possible...feat. DJ Slic Vic recorded in The 'Dale

1.Magic Mike Cuts The Record
2.Breathing Bass
3.Body Mechanic (Remix)
4.She Put Me In A Trance
5.Girl You Know Its True (Remix)
6.Work It
7.Let Yourself Go
8.Tumblin Down
9.Do The Dance
10.Don't Gimme No Crack
11.Don't Bend Down

Props to my homie once again for the logos and I'm almost done with the other 2 from you...ONE!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

R.I.P. Charles Ellison Sr. (Big Ace's Father)

Big Ace's Father passed over this past weekend and I just want to wish my condolences to Babygirl and the rest of the Ellison family...This, just like Ace's passing are very unfortunate and not easy to deal with...please...all a second of rememberence to the grandfather as well as father of the Bodyguard Big Ace....more to come on this...GOD BLESS...


My boy hooked me up with a couple classic shows...cleanin up and will post shortly...again props to my boy Bizerk!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

FREE my boy Pontiac Player a.k.a. Marky "D"

My boy locked up on some bulls*&t!! Tryin to bring his ass home!!....ya'll feel me...ya'll know how it goes when you got ya people locked up for some bs ass reason....this one for my boy!!! You comin home soon playa!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

JPE/Bump City D.J.'s 1996 - Recorded in Dade County

Recorded in 1996..back in Dade..DJ Slic Vic, Master K, and Bump City Express...Ridin the F*%k out!!...a true rare classic!!! holla back fam!

1.Al Naafiysh (The Soul)
2.Dance To The Drummer's Beat
4.Luke Mega-Mix
5.Theme From King Kong
6.Bounce, Rock, Skate
7.Body Mechanic (Remix)
8.Hip Hop Bee Bop
9.Gotta Be Tough (Inst.)
10.Beat Box
11.Peter Piper
12.Rock The World
13.Egypt, Egypt
14.It's Automatic
15.Ride Out

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Home Team - Via Satellite From Saturn (1992) Luke Records

I had to post this up..If you never copped this when it was released here you go...It was a rare release off Luke Records back in 1992...It's a vinyl rip..

A1 Pick It Up (3:10) A2 Via Satellite From Saturn (2:37) A3 Get A Refill (3:52) A4 Wild Style (2:38) A5 Pass The Buddah (1:33) A6 Back To The Bronx (3:29) A7 The Hoodie (3:39) B1 Home Team (3:11) B2 Know The Flavor (2:39) B3 Ruff Neck Business (3:42) B4 Alley Boy (2:18) B5 Reminiscing (3:39)